Research Skills.

Currently are college class is working on a unit of work called Research skills for are tutor Mike. The first task in the unit was to write down tools and methods we need when doing research

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We discussed as a class what different kind of tools for example local library, Books. And then as a class we discussed methods and there are two types of research method quantitative which focuses more on numbers , for an example surveys and questioners. Whilst qualitative is more focused on the standard of research. Also as a class we discussed about Primary and Secondary research and what is the meaning of them.

  • Primary research is more face to face and find the source yourself for example going to a gallery and talking to the artists like the Ruthin Craft Centre which i have done a recent blog post about.
  • Secondary research – getting information from somebody else for example getting information from the internet or a book.

The last thing we discussed as a class was what was known to be recognised source and what was considered unrecognised .

Task breakdown and unrecognised and recognised source.
Sketchbook page


After documenting the class discussion we were given a task breakdown of the day. Which were:

  1. Select an art movement
  2. Research art movement/artist from an unrecognised source
  3. Research art movement/artist from a recognised source
  4. Compare two sources

We were then given a hand out of a BBC guidance internet research. And then we were asked to summarise the hand out.

Summary task


Then we were given the rest of the day to complete the task breakdown. The first task breakdown to choose an art movement I decided to go for cubism because after the timeline task I was intrigued by the movement and I had never heard of the movement before I wanted to learn more. For the second task i looked at a couple of bad websites like for an example Wikipedia because the information on the website can be altered by anybody. For my good website source i found the Tate gallery a good website to use because it is updated regularly and the information is provided by experts.



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