Introduction into Unit 5: Identity

Over the Christmas break we were given three briefs to ease are way into are new theme, we will be doing in class over the next upcoming weeks.

Are first brief was given to us by Darren which will be focusing on observational drawing. Which to be completely honest I’m a little apprehensive about but also I know it will be good to improve on my drawing from life and maybe not from a picture what I usually do. The first task given by Darren we were asked think of 10 words or phrases that important to describing our identity.

I decided to approach this task by googling the mean of identity…Here is my sketchbook entry. After googling I found two meanings to the word which I found it quite interesting , how identity doesn’t just define what makes you who you are but how you are defined as an upcoming artist.

And here is my sketchbook entry of the 10 words. I decided to create a simple mind map which I’m still working on it. I found this task a little difficult with coming up with the right words to describe me. I made sure not to be too negative.

The other task are class was given, create a monotone self-portrait. I was immediately terrified by this task because I really struggle with drawing faces and people but college is all about improving and broadening my skills. my self-portrait, I’m quite happy with this sketchbook entry I did struggle with trying to get the proportions right but I think I did pretty well. Maybe next time I would work on the background and the hair.

I will be documenting throughout the identity unit on this blog 🙂


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