Observational drawing-self portrait

As part of a Unit 5: Identity theme are college group are taught by three different tutors each tutor having their own little brief and towards the end of the unit everybody will have produced several final pieces.

A couple of weeks back are tutor Darren(who teaches us on a Monday) told us that we will produce an Observation full body self-portrait from looking from a mirror. To be completely honest I was absolutely terrified of doing this task I had never properly drawn a full body self-portrait and to do it out of charcoal. I very much like planning my pieces out before going straight into a task so this was a new for me.

Starting of we had to stick to pieces of A3 to each other to make sure there was enough room to fit yourself and your surrounding. After doing so I didn’t have the best luck in the lesson first off I tried to hang my mirror to the wall and it dropped to the floor immediately  causing it to smash. This made me think is this a sign that today isn’t my day which I believe so. At the time of doing this task I also had the January cold causing my mood to be a little bit down, But I pushed through and just carried on…


(This isn’t the picture of the end result of my piece. It before i did the background and i will update the blog post when i take the picture of my finished product)

I’m pretty happy with the outcome of the piece do it be my first time doing self-portrait and that it’s on the rather large-scale, which I’m not really a fan off doing because I tend to create quite small, detailed pieces but I’m glad that Darren pushed the class to work on the larger scale.It will help me develop my sketching skills and also to experiment more with doing piece in different size and techniques.

One thing I would do if i would be doing the task again is to try to be more loose and not be to stiff with my mark making and more.




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