Artist Research-informing my practical ideas and developing my artworks/designs

The food for thought unit was based on artist research, learning about the different art movements across history, gallery visits, retrieving primary and secondary information and creating transcription pieces… All are which written about in previous blog posts, here are some photos from this unit

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My last practical task done for this unit, I set a mini project for myself which was to do a mini response to one of Elleri Mills is pieces. Which my eyes were instantly drawn to. With Elleri Mills is work it was based on landscapes in India, so for my piece I decided to base it off a photograph of a landscape I took back in September when i was on holiday in Cyprus. Which is shown below


For my piece I decided to focus on colour and the use of different kind of stitching instead of getting an accurate landscape. I hand dyed the fabric which I really enjoyed doing and I really let myself go in this mini project I did. Here is the finished result



And to close up this unit we had to write a comparison of two artworks of are choice: I decided to choose the Woman at the Window do to the extensive research I had previously done and the Weeping Woman also by Picasso. I decided to go for both pieces by Pablo Picasso because I knew there was plenty of information about Picasso and the pieces online. Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973After researching the weeping woman I was amazed at how one pieces of art had so much background and story to it and has made me look at the piece of art in a completely different way . The piece was Pablo Picasso’s response to the bombing of Guernica. When writing are comparison we had to consider each element of both pieces the colours,expression,meaning, shapes, shadow. We also had to consider the differences between both pieces…

Drawing a conclusion to the food for thought unit- artist research 🙂




Pablo Picasso- Woman at the window 1952

After researching art movement we liked as part of Mike’s research skills unit, we had to look into an artist that was part of the art movement which was Cubism and I decided on the artist Pablo Picasso. After focusing on the artist we had chosen we had to choose a pieces from the artist that we liked and I went with Woman at the window 1952. I was drawn to this print straight i liked the abstracted element to it and the fact it isn’t perfect, with the slanted eye.

I found it very interesting researching into the background of this artwork, I found out that the woman in this Gilot was Pablo Picasso’s partner and was used as the subject of his piece which Picasso was known for using his countless partners as his subjects for his paintings/prints. As part of this task we had to analysis the piece of artwork we had chosen

History, summary of piece and methods in making of the woman at the window

Woman at the window piece analysis

I did struggle a little with analysing the pieces because I found it hard to find where to start but eventually did start. Some of my comments are in Welsh.

After completing the artwork pieces breakdown we had to pic out key elements we liked in the picture and then we had to recreate that piece we focused on

image breakdown close up piece

I decided to close up on the face  because that was the first part of the artwork that i was drawn to, due to the dark use of lines on the face with a little spots on the face with white  from where the light hits. I enjoyed this tasks i found it a little difficult to get started on but after i overcame i really enjoyed the task. I then created a full size piece of Picasso pieces both a sketch and a mono print.

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I’m very pleased with how they both turned out, the sketch is unfinished but it is coming along it is quiet difficult to do the hands . I’m supper pleased with how the print has turned out I usually struggle to create prints due to the fact it can be a messy process and if you make a mistake it isn’t easy to remove. For the print i did a dry-point.

The last practical task for the research skills unit was a transcription piece I decided to use my dad as my subject and I drew him from three different profiles. I tried to keep to the use of dark lines and placing the eye centre to mimic Picasso’s style.

Small transcription of Pablo Picasso-Woman at the window 1952

Here is a photography of my sketchbook page of a first draft of my transcription piece, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out I enjoyed this task i found it very freeing where i was able to do mistakes, and go crazy with the end result. Which i don’t normally do i always strive for perfection, that not always achieve able. I’m still yet to finish my Final transcription piece, I will update the blog with the finished piece